Beverley Nielsen

Liberal Democrat candidate for West Midlands Metro Mayor.

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Candidate Statement

I am the candidate that will be the break from the past. No more big party control from Whitehall. Local people really count for me, I am one.

More accountability, huge skills improvements, keeping our local young talent local, and most of all in real work building their futures in our region. In electing me you will have a true independent leader and a strong unifying voice amongst strongly partisan councils.

In my twenty years working here I have covered a lot of ground. Campaigning as director of CBI West Midlands and CEO Heart of England Tourist Board, working in business as a director of FTSE-250 manufacturer, AGA Rangemaster and MD of Fired Earth and in the past ten years working to support young people launch their careers and new start-ups at Birmingham City University.

If you want a fresh start that puts our region first then #BackBeverley.

About Beverley

Beverley Nielsen is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the election of the West Midlands Metro Mayor in May 2017.

She is director of employer engagement and corporate affairs at Birmingham City University and an associate fellow at Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick.

In 2001-2008, she was a director of AGA Rangemaster, becoming managing director of subsidiary Fired Earth. She was regional director of CBI West Midlands and chief executive of Heart of England Tourist Board for 10 years.

Born and living in the region, she is an award-winning champion of West Midlands business, and a strong voice for manufacturers and young talent.