Graham Stevenson


Communist candidate for West Midlands Metro Mayor

Manifesto is available here.

Candidate statement

It’s time for a radical alternative to austerity as promoted by the establishment elite.  We rejected a Mayor in referendums but it’s been imposed on us, in an election stitched up by professional politicians. This is our chance to speak out against privatisation and cuts and for real socialist solutions:

o          Municipal ownership of all public transport

o          Nationalisation of the M6Toll Road for local benefit

o          Fair fares and profits of train & and bus companies

o          New affordable homes for local people

o          Start with a Living Wage of £10 an hour for all

o          Real construction & regeneration projects

o          Proper training and jobs for young people

Leaving the EU gives us a chance to negotiate to rebuild our own manufacturing capacity for local jobs for local people.

About Graham

For many decades, a senior official of the Transport & General Workers Union (T&G) and its successor, Unite the Union, covering the transport industries, Graham Stevenson is a former President of the European Transport Workers Federation (ETF). He is currently National Trade Union Organiser for the Communist Party of Britain and a member of its Executive Committee and Political Committee.

Born in Coventry, he has been a Communist since he was a pupil of King Henry VIII school.  He was active in the building industry national strike of 1972 in Birmingham and worked for BSA Guns before being appointed a full-time union official in 1980.

In June 1999, he was appointed National Organiser of the T&G’s then new Transport Sector, which united 240,000 members of the T&G, covering passenger workers, road haulage, civil aviation and ports, waterways and coastal maritime members.